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GIRH Mercury, and Scrying results

I performed GIRH-Mercury a number of times, for both scrying and the balancing of the Mercurial forces within my sphere. I was suprised at the subtle focus on emotionality and it's effect on communication that was given to me in vision. I imagine it was tuned that way because that's the area I needed growth in. One scrying session in particular was noteable:
I performed the battery, and sat in my chair in the throne position to scry. I see and feel myself whisked along a greyish plain with a silvery sky, and come to rest in a rocky, somewhat barren area. I vibrate the appropriate names, and request a guide. A being of silvery appearance appears-at first. I give the LVX signs, and he cracks into dust. I request a guide again, and a towering angelic figure appears. I ask it for it's name, and i have a strange complex feeling. I realize after a moment that the feeling is the entities name. Interesting. I give the signs and it returns them. I ask it to teach me about the nature of the Mercurial forces.After a moment, shards of silvery-golden rock fall from the sky, littering the plane around me. In each rock is reflected an Angelic figure, which I can't see clearly. I hear a whispering in my mind, but I can't make it out. I tell the Guide that I don't understand what is being said. He gives me a thought-bomb about the nature of communication-that at it's root level, all communication between entities is an emotional exchange. That the emotional undercurrent is the framework upon which communicaiton is built, and that the intellectual layers and nuances that are atop that emotional foundation can be misunderstood and misinterpreted if there is no awareness of the emotional undercurrent. As soon as I had that understanding, everything became clear, and I could hear all that was said and sung. It was a complicated and rich vision. The entity pointed out the failure I have had in communication my entire life-and gave me a tool to solve it. The understanding was of huge importance-sensitivity to emotional undercurrents in communication has created a huge change in my life. I'd had issues with communicating and understanding my wife that didn't make a lick of sense to me, that became clear once I changed my perspective to incorporate the emotional undercurrent-everything she truly wanted to communicate was within the undercurrent-the words and ideas on top where there purely to provide a vehicle for the emotional connection and understanding she desired. This same understanding has been useful in every other aspect of my life, because this truth about communication is universal.




  1. That is the best description from a spiritual creature about this matter I have heard.

    I immediately thought about the multi-faceted and paradoxical nature the four lowest spheres have with their element and planet parings.

    For example, Mercury and Water in Hod show the emotional undercurrents of stubborness, reactivity and scientific dogma that the shadow-side of academia casts.

    In Hod our minds may be made availiable to approach with logic, our lowest and most-unaware emotional natures.

    However, in science, the individual mind that is unprepared for emotions as a factor in life, may often find itself their victim.

    Keep up the great work!


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