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Movement and Ritual Magic

Ave, I'd had a discussion a while back with GH Fra LES about movement and magic; we were both of the opinion that the traditions of LVX-centered  movements established by our Eastern brothers (in Qiqong and Tai Chi Chuan) are excellent developmental tools. We're lacking a similar tradition in the West; GH Fra LES has developed his own system, and I'm sure others have as well, but there is nothing I'm aware that reaches back much further. I've become aware  as my own skill has grown (slooooowly) that the awareness of internal energy, and the method of movement found in Tai Chi Chuan is something we use everyday in ritual magic-many of us unconsciously. There is a flowing that comes to your movements when they are centered around movement and manipulation of LVX, and there are no rituals in our repertoire that are effective without that manipulation. The LVX moves like breath and water, not like laser beams. When you have settled into the correct state of mind for

The Best gift the K&C of the HGA gives

In my humble opinoin? Discernment. There is a clarity there, an understanding that isn't present when not existing in that state of communion.  Perhaps it's just this way for me, I don't know-it's such an intensely personal process. I've been wondering about how things progress after the initial attainment, as there isn't much reference out there. Folk make it seem as if you have the K&C, and then you're good. There is more to the process then the initial attainment. One useful thing I can tell you-when I'd previously Though I had the K&C, there was a measure of doubt, and a lot of introspection. There isn't any doubt at all when the real thing crowns you-everything is clear. Absolutely, blindingly, heart warmingly clear. In LVX, AIT