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Invocation of GEMNIMB (Governor in the 30th Aethyr TEX)

Invocation of GEMNIMB (30th Aethyr TEX) Invoked Gemnimb. He showed up in the orb after my Statement of intent, but before I vibrated the 19th call. The call was incredibly intense and powerful-I'm guessing the calls get more powerful personally with use. He wore a blue over-robe ,with a white robe underneath, a blue headband, and a flowering vine winding about him. I connected my Heart to his, and felt the energetic rush. This time, there was a shock of green, vine-y energy. Interesting. I asked him what his nature was, and he told me he governed over the vegetable nature-the power of nature within man, the broader Spirit of nature on Earth, the fae and other creatures of nature. He told me he could be called upon to assist in workings involving nature. He can provide assistants from the entities he rules over. He showed me images of procreation, and of war-, as if these things were under nature, and therefore under him-but certain aspects of it. The aspects related to the natur

The Kamea in Hebrew with Flashing Colors

The Kamea appear as follows: Luna Mercury Venus Sol Mars Jupiter Saturn I've listed the names seperately, and not as part of the image, so that they can be printed up without the english-if you so desire. The individual images are small-just click on them to get the big, clear version. If even these are too small, they can be increased in size easily with free software like GIMP. If anyone would like to blow these up, print, and use them feel absolutely free! If you have any trouble increasing the size of the files or images, let me know and I'll talk you through it. In LVX, AIT

Thanks all...

....for dealing with the deluge of posts. I just have the actual Kamea to post up, and we'll be back to biz as usual. Don't take the rituals I've written as any sort of gospel-they aren't part of any established tradition, although they do draw upon my own experience with magic, and advice I've obtained during meditations. If you find error, or have a different method, please share as I would love to discuss! I haven't seen much out there for working with the Kamea in full on ceremonial, and thought it would be worthwhile to share. I've been working on a manuscript for a while, but seriously doubt I'll be getting published anytime soon. I'm more interested in spreading some interest in the Art. So, one more big post with Kameothic info, and I'll wrap it up. In LVX, AIT

The Rituals of Kameothic Magic pt.2

  Kameothic Invocatory Ritual Ritual Summary: 1.Draw the Planetary Hexagram over the Altar 2.Perform the Middle Pillar, or Serpents Rising Rituals 3. Open the Book of Squares 4. Purification and Consecration of the Holy Place 5. Adoration of the Holy One 6. Invitation to the Holy Guardian Angel 7. Assumption of the Godform 8. Awakening of the Square 9. Creating the Vortex of Light (Circumambulation) 10. Vibration of the Hierarchy into the Sphere (The Descent of the Force) 11. Statement of Intent 12. Middle Pillar Ritual 13. Statement of Thanksgiving 14. Dismissal of the Force 15. Reverse Circumambulation (releasing the Vortex) 16. Release of the Godform 17. The Rose Cross Ritual Expanded Ritual Outline Begin with the temple prepared in the colors and scents appropriate for the Planetary Force, wearing the Robe/Suit of Black, with the Saturnian Dagger in hand. Light your temple by candle light. Have your statement of Intent prepared ahead of time.

The Wand of Art (BOC)

  The Wand of Art The Wand of Art is to be made of a sturdy wood that is abundant to the thaumaturgist's locale, at least as long as the right arm of the thaumaturgist. It should be painted in color bands, beginning with those of the Sun and progressing as through the days of the week onto Saturn, at the opposite end of the Sun. Draw the symbol of the Planet in the flashing color associated with it inside each band. Each band should be fumigated and blessed during the Day and Hour of the planet it is associated with before use.

The Book of Squares (BOC)

The Book of Squares The Book of Squares is the book within which the Planetary squares are drawn in order to invoke the forces. The Book itself is a gamahe; it is to be constructed of fine papers by the thaumaturgist. It should be duly blessed and fumigated. The first seven pages should contain empty Magic Squares for Sunday thru Saturday, and this pattern of seven should repeat throughout the entire book. The thaumaturgist should, after filling up the entire book with the empty squares, fill in each square with the appropriate Hebrew numbers/letters. This should be done on the hour and day of the force of the square. If it is done every day, the book will be filled quickly. This saves quite a bit of time during ritual, and results in a very personal and powerful Book of Squares. If there is available access to a pre-printed Book of Squares, it should be fumigated and blessed each day of the week, starting on Sunday during the hour of the Sun and continuing each day dur

Telesmata and Gamahe (BOC)

  Talismans and Gamahe   A Talisman is an image created to represent and contain a spiritual force. To create a Talisman, you first craft the image that represents the force-you will find the Images in the correspondence list at the end of this chapter. Create the image in the planet's corresponding color. After creating the image-which must be done during the Planetary hour of the force, preferably on the Day of the Planet as well-the desired result is written on the belly of the figure. The name of the persons to be affected are written on the Head of the Figure. The symbol of the Planet or Element should be written upon the chest of the figure. On the back, write the time within which you need the work accomplished. It is recommended that you give at least a lunar month for full completion. If this amount of time is too long, it is wise to evoke the Planetary Spirit and request it's assistance in completing the task.   A Gamahe is a talisman created using abs

The Magical Tools (BOC)

  Physical Tools   The tools required for performing the rituals within this system are as follows: A Dagger, which will be consecrated for Banishing One Black Robe or Black Suit Candles corresponding to each Planet's color Incense corresponding to each Planet One Censer (used primarily for consecration) One Bowl of Incantations (used primarily for scrying and blessing water) Wax for creating gamahe, clay for creating Telesmata Book of Squares for creating Planetary gamahes One Wand      Creating the Tools The Dagger The Banishing Dagger should be bought or made on a Saturday, during the hour of Mars. In order to consecrate it, purify it with Blessed water, and consecrate it by fumigation with the Saturnian Incense. Paint the dagger (blade and all) a deep purple, and draw on one side of the blade the Kamea of Saturn in black. On the Other side, draw the sigils for the Hierarchy of Saturn,

Rituals of Kameothic Magic pt.1

  The following is a short introduction to the rituals I've written for working Kameothic Magic.   Rituals of Kameothic Magic The Invocation of the Forces of the Square is the primary rite, and is used primarily to enliven the Talisman or Gamahe. Both the Talisman and the Gamahe serve as a Material Basis-a physical form created for the spiritual force invoked to inhabit. The Talisman is an Image created to represent a force; a Gamahe is different in that it is abstract, consisting of sigils, shapes, numbers, etc. carved into wax or written upon blessed parchment. This ritual is at the heart of our Thaumaturgy. By carefully joining precise ritual timing, incantation, and intense and focused visualization paired with intent, we can focus the Planetary forces into a Material Basis, and use those focuses to work our will. The Evocation of the Spirit is, performance wise, very similar to the Invocation of the Forces. Near the end of the ritual incantations, inste

The Book of Coelius-basic info/introduction

The Kamea-a short summary What we have for the Kamea primarily comes from Henry Cornelius Agrippa, a European Scholar and Magician who compiled the seminal treatise on Western Magic-"Three Books of Occult Philosophy". Historically, the first Magic square recorded is from ancient China, created by a sage named Lo Shu. He gave us a 3x3 square, much like the Saturnian square used within Western Magic. The Magic Square is special in that one gets the same total whether adding up the numbers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Numbers are a way of defining a thing in Western Magic,-using a system called Gematria- and are often the means by which we derive our correspondences. The power of numbers to define and determine value (not necessarily a measure of cost, but of the nature of a thing) make the Kameothic Squares a very useful and powerful tool for practical Thaumaturgy. The Magic Square has been used by magicians the world over for ages, in order to conta

The Book of Coelius

Ave, I've been working on a manuscript that would be useful to folk getting into practicing Kameothic Magic...and this time I've taken Morgan's advice and finished it before blabbing about deadlines on the internets.=) Instead of posting a link to the PDF, I'm just going to post the manuscript up piecemeal here on the blog-I think there's a better chance folk will see the info if searching for it on the nets that way. Feel free to edit, critique, or correct as necessary. Thanks all! AIT

There's a big'ole world of Magicians outside of our Current...

...who not only know what they are doing, but could probably teach us a thing or two. Who knew? I say that with tongue in cheek, but there's a lot of truth to it. Of course there is! I worry that sometimes we don't do enough to encourage actual practical magic within the Golden Dawn. Frankly, the vast majority of my understanding of the practical work I earned through hard work and study of my own of the classics-Agrippa, Bardon, Levi, Crowley (yes, Crowley as well! Book 4 is what it is-a classic.) Don't get me wrong-our ritual system is Powerful-Strong, as they say down South. I don't think it get's much better than the Z2 ritual outline, when it comes to practical applied magic. It's just incredibly time consuming and complicated. This worked well for me, as I made the transition from scholar/part time magician into Actual magician-the complication and cerebrality (I just made that word up...but you know what it means) involved in our system was necessary