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Ave, My last post was stirring up a little drama, and I'm allergic. So I removed it-apologies to those who commented! I appreciate you sharing your insights.  In LVX, AIT

How unfortunate.

Ave, the latest round of cross-order drama, one of the opposing leaders saw fit to denigrate the magical education offered by my Order, and to basically insult the lot of us as ignorant. The worst part about the post is the obvious misunderstanding of how initiation and magic itself work-I say misunderstanding, because I assume this gentleman isn't actively trying to deceive people. He is clearly an accomplished Magician, however....assuming this is a misunderstanding is probably wishful thinking. He argues basically that huge parts of the Initiation rituals, and of all the GD magical rituals, take place on the Astral plane-therefore, Astral initiation is completely valid because most of the important parts of the ritual take place on the Astral anyway. He then goes on to say that we mustn't know even the basics of ritual magic if we do not understand this, going on to imply-in smarmy, catty fashion- that we consider all work on the Astral invalid because we cons