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Showing posts from May 23, 2010

Almost Overwhelming

Ave, I've been cultivating this newfound awareness of the Eternal Present, and the results have been interesting. When I tune in sharply, it is almost overwhelming. The colours are especially hypnotic. I never noticed how alive colour is, how magnetic. How it pulls at the mind. Scents can be the same way. I was walking through my neighborhood (in a semi-urban area, Campbell,CA) and a wave of Jasmine, Rose, water-smell just blossomed within my mind. The same plants and smells that likely where there before, only now I am blessedly aware of them. I'm experiencing the world in a new way, it's like the world itself is new again. I don't know how it is I was ever bored; all I had to do was look about me. We are surrounded by wonders...although it seems that the true wonders are the natural things, the things wrought directly by the Source. Man-made objects stand out stiff and alien against even the simple bushes and trees available within a city. They have a beauty, but it

The problem with Astrological Timing..and Baphomet

The problem with Astrological Timing is that once you start paying attention to it, you can't go back. And the further you delve into understanding how the stars affect how your magic works, the more attention and credence you give to proper astrological timing. Even with spur-of-the-moment rituals, I can't help but draw up a quick election to be sure nothing I'm working with is negatively afflicted. I'm a loooooonnnggg way from being an Adept when it comes to Astrology, but I can do this sort of thing comfortably now. While I've been solid at paying attention to what's happening above during the last 3/4 years of my work, as I've delved into a thorough and deep study of classical astrology (currently studying Horary and Electional) I've become ever more sensitive to how constructive/destructive the stars can be upon a ritual. A properly elected ritual needs very little in the way of actual "ritual" to work properly. A poorly elected ritual W