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Invocation of the Angel BITOM I performed the invocation after preparing the temple, and vibrating the first, second, and sixth calls. I raised energy before doing so, and I'm glad I did. The incantations were strong, and I felt the change in mental "tuning" almost immediately. I sat before the crystal, held the tablet whilst touching BITOM, and requested an audience. At first I saw a red diamond, and then some abstraction which I can't put into words properly. The diamond became a red angel with a sword, which rose up and pierced a sun; after this a shower of orange and red fell from the sun downward. Very interesting-I need to meditate upon this for meaning. I vibrated BITOM again, and was whisked along a stream of red energy with golden sparks within. This energy was BITOM. I was traveling with the angel around what appeared to be the cosmos, into and around all things, passing through and invigorating/enlivening all it contacted. I asked him what his nature was ,and he told me I

Non-GD Wands, and Prayer Beads...and New Moon Hoodoo!

Ave, Thanks to a youth misspent almost entirely by reading fantasy and sfi-novels, my internal idea of what a wand should look like and the reality of the Golden-Dawn style wands are quite different. In the GD the wands are quite plain and direct in their symbolism...the only wand that has struck me as "beautiful" is the Lotus wand. The rest of them make sense to my symbologically but just plain do not speak my soul artistically. They feel like tools, plain and simple. That isn't necessarily bad....I'm just of the opinion that the perception of something as being full of beauty makes it easier to sacred-ize it, to coin a horrible term. I've made a few for use in hoodoo/spirit work and energy work that I'd like to share (wands were not used frequently in traditional Hoodoo...but this is a living tradition,a birthright of sorts..... and hoodoo is mine to do with as I will. So, now there are Wands. You're welcome.) Hoodoo has always had a practical Spirit

Invocation of 30th Aethyr and the Governor Taoagla

I had a strange experience the day before this ritual that relates. I was riding the train in to work, and took a real look at my bike. The handle is aluminum, and all of a sudden it struck me-I was appreciating it's beauty, and then realized that what I was looking at was Not the entirety of the handle....not even a major part of it. It was just a reflection;  That every person and object i'd ever perceived was only an ending point of an infinitely long chain, and that whatever I perceived was made up simultaneously of it's experiences, and all that had led up to its existence....that all of this existed at the same time, that time itself wasn't truly linear, and that regardless of our acting within the framework of linear time we exist in a pool of time, where everything happens simultaneously and forever. That for a person, his own experiences, the need of his parents, the plants and animals that made up the matter from which his body was formed, the light and water

Enochian Chess Board of Earth

Ave, I've noticed that there are almost no images of the Enochian Chess Boards (that aren't absolutely horrible) available to those of us working that system; when I first started studying Enochian Chess, I bought a ready made board from a certain well meaning individual. When it arrived, I was thoroughly disappointed at the quality-while I appreciate that he made the effort when no one else had, it was not suitable for use. The boards need to be beautiful as far as I am concerned-bad coloring or a sense of cheapness ruin my concentration. So, in order to make my personal boards I'm doing the following: -Making high quality vector-based images of the boards, with the full correspondences. -Uploading them to, and having the board printed with quality inks and on a pleasant wooden base. -Hand painting the Figurines. -Distributing the images so my fellow magicians don't have to sweat for a week on their laptops. =) Below is the Enochian Chess Board of E