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Jupiter and Inequality.

Hey y'all, We're having ourselves a cocktail party which is ostensibly about Jupiter....but really seems to be about power. Jupiter being a particular manifestation of that principle has been seen and experienced as vicious, benevolent, cruel, graceful, jealous, magnanimous, but always Powerful. All these other qualities have more, from what I've seen, to do with the perspective of a person at one end or the other of the power wielded. I don't think Jupiter is a person . The image is a stand in for ease of connection. Jupiter is a conscious force of nature . Jupiter does not have feelings. It's beyond human experience.  A bolt of lightning contains no sentiment, and neither does the electricity that powers a home. Power has no sentiment. Wealth is a stand-in for power, and cares not who possesses it. It cares not if it is used benevolently or otherwise, only that it is used and expressed. Make your offerings, and make your virtue like that of Jupiter's. As y