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Analysis and Results of Tincture #1

This was interesting. First thing to note is that the final distillation had a massive effect on my energetic body. I immediately felt an intense throbbing in my Da'ath and Kether centers, and felt heated energies racing up my back. The element involved was Fire-I knew this almost immediatley. The Energy first raced up into my head, and then descended first into my kidneys-producing a warm throbbing sensatio. It then continued down into my testes, where it seemed to remaine. As a blind, I offered my roommate (who is not a practicioner of the Metaphysical arts) the tincture, prepared in a glass of distilled water. He had a borderline out of body experience(!) This tincture will do well.

Results: Spagyric Tincture using an unknown flower

I've created and refined my first spagryic tincture, and gotten results from it's use! For those not in the know, a spagyric tincture is an alchemical product made using a plant. The Process is deceptively simple; the results immediate and powerful. To create spagryic tinctures, the following equipment is required: 1 Mason Jar 1 Mortar and Pestle 1 Knife, blessed in Ritual Spagyric Supplies 1 Plant, that will be evolved by our Alchemy 1 Container containing a pure Alcohol 1 Retort 1 Butane Burner w/Fuel 1 Tripod/stand for the Retort Filtering Paper-lab grade is nice, but a couple of coffee filters will do just fine. 1 ceramic container for heating 1 Receiving Flask You will need some plastic wrap-to cover the lid of the Mason Jar, to prevent the metal from contacting the tincture. First Method Pick the plant during either the Planetary hour of the pow

Hermetic Magick and Alchemy

Hello, and thank you for giving us a look. I am Frater Aetherius Intra Terra of the Continental Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. There are many blogs now written by other initiates, who discuss matters of importance regarding the Great Work; however, I have not seen many that detail the actual regular metaphysical work and the results of occult operations. It would be good to have that sort of information available-in the physical sciences one subjects one's works for peer review, and reading the results greatly increases the general knowledge of the greater scientific community. Why not give our fellow Fraters and Sorors information, that could result in inspiration and a refinement of the skills and experience of the entire Rosicrucian community? I am going to use this blog as my Journal, and record the results of my work here. Anyone with questions about the work may ask, and I will happily share. As a working Theurgist in the Western Mystery Tradition, my metaphysical wo