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Review: The Book of Abrasax

Nsala malongo, Working with this book has been a pleasure; Mr.Cecchetelli--a brother and fellow Worker--has done it again. This book is full of useful and practical magic, with well-researched information paired with insightful commentary. It's immediately apparent that Mr.Cecchetelli has done the rites and works he's sharing, as his insights line right up with what one would expect as far as result goes. Physically it is gorgeous, with a rich brown leather and lovely endpapers...truly a pleasure to hold. The Coronastrum This is probably my favorite part of the book; I work extensively with mudra and can attest to the efficacy of this one. The layers of symbol when creating this symbol with one's own body are absolutely delicious. All my years of work and I'd never encountered it..... The Coronastrum is a mudra, a symbol that Mr.Cecchetelli's contacts gave him during his working. It's a beautiful and powerful symbol, and the Book of Abrasax gives you eno