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The Death-Litany of Saturn, Putrefication

Ave, So, in some Alchemical systems, there is a very important step that involves the rising of the Saturnian force from the interior Metal at the base of the spine. (This relates to the 8th operation, and the Sign Scorpio within the system outlined by Paul Foster Case.) This step is the Putrefication, during which the personality is reduced into the Black Powder, and "destroyed". This step is an important one before Incineration, which is referred to as the Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel in Magical circles. This isn't quite as horrifying as it sounds at first blush. What it does is destroy the Soul's identification with the personality as the Self; in the end you are still You--as you have always been--but you become aware the "You" isn't your personality, but that you  operate through  the personality. It's important to understand that this isn't a purely psychological thing; it is a phenomena that involves the nerve-centers that corr