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The Chymical Wedding

Ave, I haven't read the Wedding in years, and felt inspired to do so this morning. When I read it previously, I knew that it was full of evocative imagery and enjoyed that without penetrating it one bit -- but this was before I grew to practice Spagery . When I first read it I didn't speak much of the Alchemical language; this has changed (although not by much). Not that any of the actual processes or the application of such described within this manual (it seems more and more to be exactly that as I read it again, this time bookmarking pages and feverishly jotting down notes about possible interpretations, the vast majority of which are undoubtedly wrong)  have become clear; I just know enough to know there is more going on than I know. Awesome. There do seem to be quite a few Biblical references/allusions which took me aback for a moment. I recalled a comment by a Frater of another Order who mentioned biblical studies being part of his Inner Order work--which I thought was