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Invocation of Planetary Senior AAIRNNAP

He appeared immediately in the orb. His head was that of a Raven, and he was covered in a thick layer of black feathers, although his shape was that of a man. He wore a breastplate of dark pitted metal (Lead?), and stood unblinking. His gaze was indifferent-neither fierce nor pleasant. I greeted him, and asked for his name. I connected with him, and heard his "voice". I asked him of his nature, and he told me he was of Death and Change, the beginning of Endings. I asked him how his power was manifest macrocosmically, and he said in Entropy, in the fires of decay. I asked him how his power was manifest microcosmically, and he basically implied they manifested the same within as without, burning away dross and reducing things from complication to simplicity. He was almost the opposite of the Venusian Senior of Fire-although they both are intimately connected with Energy, the fire of life. One is the growth and increase cycle, the other is the burning down and decrease. Very in

Invocation of Planetary Senior AAPDOCE

Invoked the planetary Serior of Venus of the Fire Tablet, AAPDOCE. She appeared with greenish feathery leaves instead of hair, with bright gemlike eyes and no mouth. She was clothed in the leaf/feathers from her extremities to her torso, which was bare and featureless. When she spoke a ruby red mouth appeared, and the eyes disappeared. This was disconcerting, surreal. I'm not sure what this may or may not mean. She did not have a fierce avian aspect as did the Mars senior, but bore a more human and feminine shape, cloaked in mystery. Her body language was inviting; she felt as if she where always on the verge of embracing me.She was very vibrant and clear in my vision. I greeted her and asked of her name, and she gave it to me. I asked what her nature was, and she said she was the active process of growth and growing, and was especially connected to the natural world-the process and energy of growth that burns in each thing. She was somehow connected with love-passionate love-both

Quick Note

Ave, V.H.Fra.SR communicated on another blog (Fra.Peregrin's excellent blog at ) about our curriculum, and I thought it would be good to clarify that all my Enochian work isn't part of the curriculum in my current Grade. I'd removed info about my grade a while ago so there wouldn't be that confusion, but as it is generally known that I am a member of the Outer Order, I figured I'd go ahead and state that plain. The Enochian that I am doing apparently is Inner Order work. Just so you know. We haven't moved everything into the Outer, primarily the Greater and Supreme Invoking/Banishing rituals. In LVX, AIT

Yesterday's Warning

......was right on target. Made it till 11:00pm, and then out of no-where found myself in a verbal tussle with the lady Wife. The subject matter was quite painful, as well. It would seem that the Mars Senior of the Fire tablet was giving me a predication, rather than just a warning. It all worked out for the  best, as the issue had to be dealt with, and we've moved past it. Turned out it was a good thing we had the argument, as it allowed us to honestly express some things that were rooting around under the water. Interesting how things are interconnected. In LVX, AIT

Invocationn of Planetary Senior AAETPIO

Ave, Conducted the Invocations, with some substitution of personal Enochian balancing and preparatory rituals for the QC and LBRP. Went shockingly, smashingly well. I suspect mostly because I had to pay attention to what I was doing- and I wonder if I've been magically lazy. I am more than capable of making my own ritual for an established purpose, and have mostly just used what was handed to me regardless of that. I am by no means saying I'd toss out the classics that work wonderfully and are part of our tradition; that would be foolish. I mean that now I am going to look at them with a critical eye, and determine exactly what it is they are doing. Make them personal. The Angel appeared immediately, and his appearance was notable because: 1. He looked like a huge man-bird. 2.He looked combatitive and pissed off. He was a deep purple-so much so that he was almost black. He was mostly shaped like a man. His eyes were a fierce golden color, and he glared at me with his arms

Invocation of Planetary Senior ALNDVOD

Ave, The next step in exploring and understanding the forces in the Tablet of Fire, after invoking and communing with the King, is Invocation of the planetary Seniors. Today is a Monday, so the Lunar Senior was up. I conducted the opening rituals and vibrated the Invocations, and then sat down to scry the glass. A moment passed, and then a figure appeared. It was male-ish, lithe in form, and it's skin was a sky blue color. It's hair was feather-like, and a sort of rich purple. It felt very avian. It wore gloves the same color as its hair, and appeared wearing a crown. I verified that it was the correct Angel, and it responded immediately. I asked what it's nature was, and it said simply that it was the power of the moon manifested through fire. Well....yes. Of course-I need to come up with better questions for these entities. It then elaborated a bit, and mentioned being and said it manifested as hidden cause behind actions, as sub-conscious desires blooming into actio

Invocation of King EDLPRNA

Invoked the king of the Fire Tablet, so that I could begin working it. He appeared quickly and within the crystal. He was unsuprisingly fiery in appearance, with dusky reddish skin, hair the color and shape of flickering flames. His eyes where a flat white. He didn't wear any clothing, or a crown. I asked him about that, and he said he was "crowned by his nature." I took that to mean that the positions of Angels are determined automatically by their nature-that a King couldn't be any other than a King. Interesting. I asked if I could connect with him, and did so at the heart feeling a strong rush of energy. I asked him if he would initiate me into Fire, and he said "Certainly, but it may be painful." I saw a small flickering flame travel up the connection we had made, and when it reached my heart it created an intense sensation. Not unduly uncomfortable. I asked him to show me where my understanding of fire was lacking in my life, and he showed me how my