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Astrology and Astrological Magic

Ave, I'm en-route to undertaking a deep study of Astrology and have thought about how important Astrology is to creating success in ceremonial Magic. The general practice now within the Golden Dawn (and one that is beyond the norm considering the majority of non-GD practitioners that I've encountered seem to pay little attention to the Heavens beyond the state of the Moon when conducting their rituals), when one is working magic with the astrological signs is to create a sidereal chart beforehand in order to determine whether the sign is located auspiciously. This is, of course, all to the good. Fra. RO and others have recently shared the importance of Astrological timing....any experienced Magician will say the same if they're paying attention. I've learned the hard way myself. I want to do more than simply note which house a Sign is within or what planets are within the House of the Sign I'm working with; I want to do a full election for a given ritual in orde


Ave, The blog will be changing a bit over the next couple days-folk have been having trouble posting, and I figured a refresh/re-design was in order. I'll try to keep things readable, and hopefully everyone will be able to comment when I'm done. In LVX, AIT

Magic, and my relationship with Women

Ave, So...since beginning this Grade, I've found myself re-approaching (or rather, approaching for the first time) my relationship with women. In my dreams, in my work and keeps coming up. How I view women, how I view femininity and it's accompanying traits. I mean, I've been Really approaching these views.  Reading comments on (hahaha, and enjoying them) and learning about feminism--and attempting to do so without the feeling of eating something that is vaguely unpleasant.  I'm aware of how that sounds, but I'm not going to bullshit. Something about the culture of feminism--not the laudable aims, but the culture itself--I have found distasteful. I want no woman oppressed, not a single one. Not Consciously . But the idea of calling myself a feminist is unpleasant . Equalist, sure. But feminist? Sends me reeling away, and this has not been Feminism's fault. The things that I have found distasteful in feminism in the past are entirely ro