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Second Life and Magic

Ave, The above picture is of my Avatar and the temple I've made in Second Life-on online world where one can own land and interact with others. I made this primarily to interact with my students. The vast majority of my students live at long distance from me, and the majority of our interactions have been through email and other somewhat impersonal media. This has been fine for the most part as far as lessons go, but it didn't foster a sense of connection. It was also difficult to communicate some things using the written word alone. In Second life, there is are visual representations of people that can be worked with, giving it a huge advantage over less interactive distance teaching methods. My students have a sense of place when they meet to receive instruction via lecture at the temple, or to ask Questions. They also have a sense of connection  to myself and their peers that plain was not there before I started working with this method. It has proven to be an indisp

The HGA pt.4

Ave,  I've had a realization of sorts about the the role morality plays in life, and it threw me off my game for a bit. I had suspended completely one of my (admittedly few, but earnestly practiced!) vices upon the recommendation of my HGA. It has been over a month, and I had completely removed this habit from my routine, despite regular and seemingly insidious reminders (perhaps from my subtle and cunning Daimon, perhaps by chance). I was thinking about the morality of the vice, and realized that I had come to see the vice as wrong and evil. I spoke with my HGA about it, and he was shockingly indifferent, with no condemnation of the actual vice....and then it hit me! I had needed to see the vice as Evil in order to act against it, and gain control of the habit. When it was simply undesirable, I made no progress in mastering it.  I asked my HGA about the vice and he made it clear that the Vice itself wasn't the issue-it held no intrinsic positive or negative value outside o

Enochian Chess Board Water

Ave Fraters et Sorors...... Here she is. Print, laminate, glue to board and get down to business. Click it for the large image. Fire board is on it's way, and then I'll post up the pieces. I hope the day finds you all well. In LVX, AIT

Is Enochian Theurgic?

I don't know anymore. The entities I have invoked and communed with have been powerful, and BIG. My mind has been opened-I just don't know if working with them has lifted my spirit. I have an idea that these entities are more useful for expansion than evolution. What Dee was praying for when he received his messages wasn't necessarily spiritual growth, but Wisdom. Working with these entities has broadened and expanded me, but it hasn't refined me. Every conversation and Invocation I perform with the Enochian entities leaves me with more understanding-I feel increased,'s strange. I feel more complicated. More aware, like a young man who learns the ins and outs of interpersonal politics, and realizes that sometimes a smile is not a smile. There are layers and complications to things that I never noticed before. This is not necessarily good. There is a clarity to simplicity that is useful. None of this increase of wisdom has left me feeling any better,

Dreams of the Portal, HGA

Ave, I've had an incredibly active dream life of late-in fact, since I started working on communing with my HGA. My most recent dream of note involved an invitation into the, what Portal it was and who was inviting was anyone's guess. It was quite strange-I'm a magician of the Golden Dawn tradition, but the entities in my dream about the Portal where not robed in our fashion. There were no Nemysses, or Sashes, or even wands about. There were three figures, each tall and fair. They were robed in white, a sky blue, and a pink-ish red respectively. They called me be my given name, and asked if I would come through the Portal. I remember not being confused, but also not knowing anything. There was none of the background info one gets at times when dreaming of a strange situation; the backstory wasn't filled in. The area we were in was incandescent and white, but plain. They seemed very simple, these folks. Clear is probably a better term. They also seemed t