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GIRP Fire, with Divination

Ave, Performed the GIRP Fire as directed by divination-I needed to determine whether I should spend more time working with the force. Communion and divination revealed I needed to perform the GIRP once more for a specific purpose; to ask for Wisdom and Understanding of the element of Fire. I performed the battery as normal but with the recent addition of the LIRP directly before the GIRP, which worked quite well. I felt a receptivity to the force. The invocations hit me harder, in a good way. After stating my intent and performing the Middle Pillar, I sat in the throne to meditate. I immediately saw a red triangle-a good sign. I continued the circulation, and then fell into vision. I felt as if I were an unborn infant. I was surrounded with red and gold, blood and flesh. I was still, and then I was struck! My heart began to beat, the bio-electricity flowed throughout me. The vision stayed here for a moment, and then I was born out into the world. At this point the perspective chang

Now, this is what a Magician/Wizard should look like.Plus, Theurgy.

The Orthodox Schema-Monks are doing it right, ya'll. When I was a child, and dreamed of being a wizard, this is how I thought I would look. Dude looks awesome....and I don't care what you say, how you feel and look while practicing your magic is important. I know a lot of you non-GD magicians (and some of you lazier GD mages...=)  ) do your work in whatever you happen to be wearing, and that's fine if it works for you.  I personally think the vestments serve an important purpose; they help to create the proper frame of mind for magical work. When I don my robe and sash, I'm not just my mundane self, I'm myself as Magician--the Magician bit is highlighted and brought to the front. The vestments are part of creating the magical atmosphere, which is of the utmost importance for ritual magicians regardless of tradition. OK, I've changed my mind-it's Not fine. Quit being lazy and put a damn robe on, unmentioned Fraters and Sorors of the Western Mystery Tradit