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Our Hybrid Enochian/Qabalistic system-some thoughts

Ave, Having done some venturing and practical work outside of our tradition, I've become very aware of how intensely hybridized it is. This isn't necessarily a bad thing...but as my sensitivity to the differing currents and energies involved in modern Golden Dawn magic increases, I notice more and more the spots that seem "grafted" together, for lack of a better term. I can see the welds clearly. The Qabalistic system is basically the accumulated Correspondences (including the Tree of Life)  in combination with the Rituals of the Hexagram, Pentagram, and the Neophyte Initiation Ritual as developed in the Z2-the height of the Qabalistic system-and the assumption of Egyptian godforms. Qabalistic magic works practically through Telesmata, and almost exclusively through elementary entities (be they Elemental, Planetary, or Zodiacal.) We invoke the hierarchy, but mostly to place our selves within that hierarchy above the elementaries, so that we can command them. When

Invocation of the 30th Aethyr, and the Governor DOVINAL

Ave, This third invocation was much smoother than the previous two. I "activated" the table and implements (lamen, ring, etc) , made my obeisance and solemn prayers to God, and sat upon the chair. This time I backlit my scrying crystal with a candle-which made for a pretty image, but was a pain in the ass when it came time to scry. Won't be doing that again. I stated the Intent of the ritual (to invoke and commune with the angelic governor DOVINAL), and then vibrated-sonorously-the 19th call, to invoke the 30th Aethyr TEX. He appeared within the crystal first-as opposed to in my inner eye. Interesting-previously I've had to will the images into the crystal as they played before my inner eye. I looked at him, and he was dressed in a sort of toga, with a golden crown that was somehoe simultaneously laurel leaves. He bore a black book in his right hand, which bore a small white cross and the word "Lies" upon it. Hmm. Book of Lies,eh? That gave me pause. I rei