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Showing posts from June 26, 2011

Working with Hadean Press!

Ave, Awesome news--the fine folks over at Hadean Press (Erze and Dis) have accepted my manuscript for publication! They publish a variety of interesting occult material, and also make fine hand-bound editions of some of their works. Which is fantastic; it says a lot about their dedication to their Art. They've been instrumental in reviving the pamphlet in occulture, describing them as such on their website:   " Hadean Press adheres to the second idea of the radix of the word Pamphlet… that it takes its derivations from παν,  all , and φιλεω,  I love , signifying a thing beloved by all; for a pamphlet being of a small portable bulk, and of no great price, is adapted to every one’s understanding and reading. " Excellent stuff, ya'll. Go and check them out, if you haven't yet. There will be much additional content and expanded practical material in this edition; I'm pretty excited about it. It works, and it works well. We have a lot of work to do bef