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Tricksy Fellow

Ave, Sensuality, sexuality, control. These are complicated subjects in our field, and I've struggled with finding balance with these things. Mostly, I think, because I come from a liberated society....which is Good. The problem for me has been that there is so much more linked to sexuality and  the Sensual than the surface level. My tendency is to enjoy myself first, and to need a very explicit and valid reason Not to enjoy myself before abstaining from a pleasure. This is a problem, because there is so much more to it than just sexuality and I am loathe to inhibit myself. It is sensation itself that is a problem, or rather the desire for it. The Red King run wild, gone tyrant. Find yourself eating despite not even being remotely hungry? Mindlessly browsing the Net despite having actual useful and interesting things to do? Drinking a beer or two out of pure boredom? I certainly have, and until a recent (and blessed) event that I am extremely grateful for, I didn't understand.

A wonderful, wondrous day!

Ave, Yesterday I was walking, as if in a dream, within a friend's garden (one Daniel Stolcius, to be exact.) It was a beautiful day, with the sort of soft Golden light that is common in dreams of the best kind...and California in the springtime. I looked about me and noticed a profound change; the features I had assumed familiarity with where all different. The budding plants were flowering, and the Birds no longer sang in song during their journey between the heavens and the earth, but spoke plainly. My heart was filled with joy! I sat in silence for a moment, and looked deep within the Earth, with the aid and comfort of the Garden's many splendors.  I found that the tenants of the Garden where reflections of the mineral and metallic life within the Earth. While observing the contents of the Earth I became aware of and made acquaintance with the Red King. I immediately recognized him, as we had wrestled in the past. He ruled the entirety of the Earth. His lust for Sensatio