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Gently grasping the First Matter

Ave, I thought I'd share some of my recent alchemical understanding***disclaimer--I do not have an external alchemical teacher, so take it with a grain of salt.....or better yet, experiment yourself and prove me wrong if you can! =)**** The old alchemical sages write that you can't be "told" about what the First Matter  is, but that you must "discover" it. In my own work I've found this to be true--knowing the First Matter involves having Gnosis of it. Not simply knowing what one manifestation of  it is. Recently Alchemists (and our own GH Fra LES) have "revealed" the First Matter....well, they haven't, really. They've given us another excellent tool with which to gain understanding of the First Matter, but these gentlemen--these Wizards--are subtle, and as Paul Foster Case suggests, what they say that seems most plain and straightforward should be studied the most closely! They are of course telling us the Truth, and explicitly, bu