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Ave, So, I've created a few short works on magic-namely a small pamphlet with instruction on Kameothic Magic, and another pamphlet detailing my healing method, The Book of the Blossoming Flower (which I've only released to a few fellow Magicians almost a year ago....mostly to get some peer review.)  I've got a little distance from them now, and decided to take a look back at them. I learned a few things: 1. I am a little over-zealous in my self criticism. 2. I am a bit of a lazy writer. 3. Both pamphlets are good, because they work . I'm planning on continuing to create small pamphlets (the size of a few book chapters), and hope that I'll look up and have written a book about my personal system of practice without really having had to Write it. Examining Why someone writes these sort of things--when there are plenty of books teaching magic already--is interesting. I feel it is important for me for a number reasons. I want to be able to teach my sons and da

Steampunk Enochian Keyboard

Ave, I though I'd share another interesting piece of gear I've been blessed with. I commissioned this a couple of years ago from a gent named Datamancer; I had an idea about typing Enochian incantantions using it as my Wand....I was experimenting at the time with using electronic communication to work magic.  This first experiment involved  an attempt to communicate visionary information electronically. The idea was to  communicate/induce visionary experiences within the recipient. I thought this would be especially valuable for a cell-based modern Order that I'd been batting around, where there are no Lodges, just webs of interconnected Magicians, much like our current Blogosphere. More of an Association than a proper Order, I suppose. Perhaps I'll write the idea up, it needs much more fleshing before I could. The technique involved creating a Sigil with the description of the planetary/astrological/elemental vision, empowering it with the Enochian incantation, and