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Thaumaturgy during the New Moon-Hoodoo

Ave, The New Moon-by it's nature-is a terrible time to practice Theurgy. It is, however, an excellent time to practice Subtractive Magic-magic for removing negative influences, or for working against one's enemies. Yes, I use Thaumaturgy, and I do it for personal gain. And it works. (For those unaware, thaumaturgy is practical magic.) I say that because I've gotten into some heated conversation with some practicioners, who believe Magic should be purely Theurgic, and to work any Magic for practical results is greedy and low; these people are fools. There is no moral difference between working hard physically to acquire something and working hard metaphysically-either way you use the resources at hand to better your position or lot in life. That's just my not so humble opinion about it. =) I've decided to use the New Moon to practice the Magic traditional to my people-I'm African-American, so that means Hoodoo (this is not the same as Voodoo or Voudun). I

Second Scrying of the 30th Aethyr TEX

Ave, My second scrying of TEX went very well-I settled in a bit more naturally into the invocation, and the various incantations took on a singing, intensely vibratory character that almost felt pulled from me, instead of performed. I was able to let go and feel the incantations, voicing them with my awareness in the heart center-experiencing them without thinking. I fell into vision very quickly-I connected to the Crystal and closed my eyes, and I was there. The key was to commit to doing the Magic-I let go of my analysis, and just let the vision unfold. This is part of the Faith the earlier Angel was referring to. That lesson served me well-Enochian Magic being almost entirely dependent upon vision (in my experience). This time, the sky was again grey, and clouded. The terrain was forested in a tropical fashion. There was a temple structure-Aztecan in style. I requested a guide, and received first a false one. I vibrated the god-names again, and received an authentic guide...who

Enochian Magic-Scrying the 30th Aethyr TEX

Ave, So......I had planned  on scrying mainly the elemental planes during my early excursions into Enochian. Last night, I felt inspired to scry the 30th Aethyr TEX. When I got the temple set for the workings, it just seemed like the right thing to do. I've learned to be sensitive to that sort of thing, and to go with my intuition. Just a quick note-I've gone out of my way not to study Crowley's various descriptions of the Aethyrs, in order to keep my visions from being framed a certain way. No disrespect to the Beast; I just want to avoid any Thelemic business from creeping in. Most of the literature out there describing Enochian visions seems to be from Thelemites (and kudos to them for doing the work!), and I think it would be useful to get a perspective from an individual who is not a part of that particular current. I began by preparing the table, placing the Seven Ensigns upon it, and then the Sigillum Dei Ameth, and finally covering all with the red velvet clot