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Kameothic magic, Candles, and Fluffbunnies

Ave Fraters and Sorors, I've been studying the Kamea and devising methods for using them in a system of practical seems that they've been used, for the most part, as reference material by modern Magicians of our tradition. From the research I've done, most of what seems to be out there ritually for the Kamea involves lighting a Candle atop a Kamea, and using said candle and it's associations to "activate" the Kamea. This works just fine-the lighting of the Candle is a physical sign of the mage's will to activate the Kamea. This also provides a convenient method to deactivate the Kamea-by putting out said candle at the end of the ritual. Yes it's simple, but it's an effective bit of ceremonial pageantry. It is not quite layered enough for me, so I've refined the simple technique in this fashion; First the LBRP,LBRH,Purification and then Invocation of the HDF. Next, I perform the Circulation of the Magic of the Light, creating the