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New lesson learned-Compassion is taught through suffering.

Ave, So...nothing says loving like a viral infection combined with a healthy dose of strep throat. Jay-sus. The strep throat was misery, but the viral infection was horrendous. It destroyed me. I've been unable to even stand on my own two feet; breathing has been a struggle. Even sleep offered nothing but discomfort, agony.  After nearly a week I've recovered for the most part, but learned a lot from the event. I'd never been that sick before. Not once, in my entire life. I'd thought that I knew what it was to be sick, but I didn't. I've been blessed, hale and hearty for my entire life. When I was sick, I mostly decided not to be sick anymore (sometimes with a healthy magical nudge), and that would be that. Having a cold is not being sick. The flu is just barely being sick. I have a disabled son--still quite young, just 2and1/2-and I thought I was patient and gentle and understanding. Well. I suppose I was, just not enough. He can't speak yet, so commu