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Some alternatives for Expensive Planetary Metals

Ave, As part of my studies I've been working with Agrippa and the Picatrix quite a bit lately, and often you'll find that metals required are crazy expensive, or worse dangerous (such as mercury or lead). Many of us use paper for our Planetary images, and it does work, but doesn't in my opinion or experience make for a talisman that can long contain the Virtue of a planet. I've got a couple of fixes that I use to deepen the power of the paper talisman when I'm unable to afford  the metal, and of course I'll share them. My reasoning for experimenting with some of these methods was that, as Names are descriptions of a given entity/thing and as such have power over the thing, a proper and true description may serve well in the place of a thing. May even Be the thing, as far as Magic is concerned. I also reasoned that the Virtue of the planet is the important thing, and that the metal served as a container of that virtue and That is why it was valuable in my Ma