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Geometry and the Western Mystery Tradition

Ave, Mathematics is fascinating, and an excellent way to experience the mental plane. I've been studying Euclid's Elements in order to understand Geometry; in the Golden Dawn, one of the first things we do in beginning our study is meditate upon geometric figures. These figures are a doorway into certain mental states; unfortunately, this line of work isn't pursued with any real depth (at least, not in the Outer Order). I get the feeling that this is the case with most modern Western Magic, and that's a shame. You'd be hard pressed to find entrance into the old greek and egyptian schools without it. Geometry was a deeply important tool for growth of the mind and understanding in both Greek and Egyptian mystery schools-a quick bit of research will make that clear to any who wish to look-and with good reason. There are few better tools for gnosis of and development within the mental plane. The geometric figures are doorways to this plane; contemplating first the f

Scrying the 29th Aethyr RII , invoking GONZIAM

I performed the invocations as normal, although I experienced some strangeness doing so. The incantations were having a more-intense-than-usual affect on me; its a bit difficult to describe. It was as if I were holding a firehose, and had turned up the water pressure beyond the norm.....the incantations wriggled and thrashed about in my grasp. The moon was full-perhaps that is the cause of this. My previous Aethyric scryings were done fairly early in the moon's cycle. I'll just have to keep tracking, so that I san put this to use in the future. I invoke the Governor, and he appears immediately in the orb. I ask him his name and he gives it. He appears like a classic angel, robed in white and winged and crowned. It had six stars floating about it. I asked it about RII, and received no answer. I asked if it had something to teach me-it told me that I needed to practice a broader sense of responsibility-that I should view all things that occurred in my life as being rooted in m