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GIRP Scorpio, and Scrying results

Ave, As part of my gradework about a month back, I performed Invocations of the energies of Scorpio....and it was bru-tal. I found the energies to be powerful, full of dark undercurrents, pulling from the depths. Scrying the plane, I encountered a strange type of entity, like angels, only with tentacles(!?) instead of feathers and hair. They were pale and fey and beautiful, and terrible. I did the standard request for a guide, and received one. I asked it to teach me about the energies of Scorpio, and it told length....about the foolishness of man, showing me an image of a crazed human digging a deep pit, laughing and crying all at once. He was digging his own grave with a golden shovel, and then railing against the gods and universe for consigning him to the grave he has dug for himself. Myself. It made me smile at myself, ruefully. I have been that fool. The entity elaborated, and told me that the energies of Scorpio are the final lesson-givers; that the hard lessons that we