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Initiation into the Great Rite

Ave, This was the highlight of Pantheacon and a major landmark in my magical career. An absolutely incredible experience! My wife and I took Initiation into the Great Rite on Sunday, and both the teachings and the current are rich and powerful. I'm somewhat at a loss to communicate all my feelings about it. It opened doors for me on a number of levels. The Great Rite initiation is built around empowerment and  instruction in Inner Alchemy. The techniques of Western Inner Alchemy are not imaginative, they aren't pure visualization. They are physical and visceral. They work directly upon the physical body to refine the Prima Materia, and they are wonderfully effective. It was a wondrous moment for me; having all of the emblems and manuscripts I studied over the years open up in new ways....beautiful. I was able, without ceremony or ritual, to manipulate my body's energies and enter into ecstatic states. I can do so at will, using the practices I have learned--nowhere near

Pantheacon 2011; Good times

Ave, So, I took a much-needed break from all this energy jibba-jabba (which I'm guilty of starting...been a great conversation though!) with my peers to attend Pantheacon. Gentleman, pardon me for not replying and joining in the latest conversation on your blogs (VH Fra SR, Fra Jason, Fra RO, and Fra Jack), I've been super busy. Anyway, I think enough's been said for everyone to know everyone else's position. We'll all just call it what it is, and we'll argue about it again in a couple of years. Haha. Veles just posted an awesome Terry Pratchet quote: "The plural of Wizard is Wizards, the plural of Witch is Arguement." Hilarious and true, except Wizards (or Magicians, or Sorcerers....) should be right there with the Witches.  Some insightful things said. I'm going to resist writing another essay about why my viewpoint is clearly more awesome than yours, and move on. Them's is jokes, ya'll. Panthecon was a very interesting experience.