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Sons of Saturn, Traveling to Mythic Places

Ave, As alchemists, as magicians and conjurers, our relationship with Saturn and his entities is--in my extremely biased but relatively learned opinion--of the utmost importance, especially if we aim to complete the Great Work in this lifetime. It is by traveling through Saturn that we can become as demi-gods ourselves. We need only look to his most famous Son, the holy Hermes Trismegistus, for a fine example. See the Divine Pymander for this understanding, in which it is given that Hermes Thrice-Greatest--much like Jupiter and other august Gods--is a son of Saturn. The difference we see in the Thrice-Greatest is that he is also a Man. He is our template, the Great Example of what can be accomplished by men born of earth. Also, if you haven't read the Divine Pymander yet and you are a practicing Western magician...get on that shit. You need this like a Christian needs a bible. This applies to conjurers of the West as well. I was led toward Tartaros--a hell-ish Abyss-- by my H