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GIRP Fire, Technique, Consecration of the Fire Wand

Ave, So last night, after a day of forcing myself to be patient and complete creating my fire wand, I set about consecrating and empowering it. The patient part is important-nothing screws up a magical tool like hurrying up. I made mine from scratch using a dowel purchased from Home Depot, a Dremel (I love that tool!) for carving out the flame tip, and brightly beautiful paints for it's adornment. I used metal-flake paint for the metal bits. I have yet to drill a hole and stick a magnet up the center.....mostly because I just plain don't see the point. Can't be an allusion to polarity, as Fire is Electric and not Magnetic traditionally. Sticking a big 'ole magnet right up the center of a tool built for working an Active/Electric element produces some cognitive dissonance for me. This may be a holdover from previous-century views on Magnetism as an occult force (Mesmer, and all that jazz). I'm no GD scholar, however--I'm not sure there is a deeper reason than tr

Symbols and the Sphere of Sensation

Ave, I've been working to increase the amount of LVX I can move and contain, and figured that extended Middle Pillar practice would help with that. My normal practice involves a daily MP as part of the ritual battery; the actual Middle Pillar seldom goes on for longer than ten minutes. Yesterday, I performed the fountain of the MP for a good 45 minutes, and the results were interesting. One things that stood out was the "appearance" of the LXV in my vision. Where usually it descends from the fountain like drops, after twenty minutes or so it appeared to descend in a sheet of light instead. This is probably not significant, but is definitely interesting. I've been donig the Middle Pillar for years now, though-the visionary part has been mostly consistent, so this stood out for me. I didn't get the light-headed feeling I used to get when practicing lengthy energy work without the vibratory formulae in the Middle Pillar, although I did feel exalted, full of grace