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Mudra and Glamour in Ritual Magic

Ave, For those new to the term, a mudra is a physical action or sign that is linked to a mental/non-physical process. The mudra is used in a variety of meditative arts; with careful repetition it provides a shortcut to a mental state. For example, you could meditate every day in your regular seated position and cross your fingers once the meditative state is entered. Do this consistently, and with the intent of linking the physical action with the mental state. After some repetition, you will find that almost immediately after performing the mudra you will enter the meditative state, with none of the usual preparatory work required.  Franz Bardon refers to them as "rituals" in Initiation into Hermetics. They are an absolutely fantastic tool. I will detail some of their uses below. Glamours   The mudra is absolutely indispensable in the art of Glamour.  Glamours are thought-forms that are built up around a magician in order to alter others' perception of himse