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Western Healing System

Ave, I've decided to go ahead and post my small pamphlet on healing "The Book of the Blossoming Flower" .  I wrote it because I felt we were lacking in an organized system for energetic healing. ( I have read and used Isreal Regardie's Art of True Healing...I think it's a nice start, but found it lacking. It comes down to "Raise energy, and then communicate you're healthy energy state through alchemical contagion/proximity". That just seems lazy to me; we can do better than that. Instead of bitching about it, I figured I'd try my hand and contribute.) We have herbalism, but that is more a body of knowledge than a multi-layered system, and I wanted to include the ceremonial methods I've learned as a Magician of the Golden Dawn. It's short, but incorporates parts of my personal practice that I think may be of use to others.  It's written for folks familiar with the Golden Dawn ritual battery; if you do read it and have any questions