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Enochian Chess?

Ave, So.....does anyone work the Enochian chess system? I say system, because it has it's own set of rituals, and is (from what I've read) supposed to be useful as active magical ritual. I've used it for divination-with interesting results. The Order's curriculum definitely comes in handy, as at this point the Geomantic and Tarot associations are second nature-when a piece is brought into play from one square to another, a sea of symbolism is already at play. I have to say, although the system is deeply interesting, as a divinatory tool alone it does have the drawback of taking a Huge amount of time to complete. Analysis of the movements alone takes me hours- the story built is incredibly detailed , and so it is worth the time-it just isn't something I would have the time to do daily. Especially now that I'm proficient at both the Tarot and Geomancy-either of which can give you quality answers to questions in an instant. I'm going to give it a shot, and s