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Showing posts from February 13, 2011

No Photograpghy at PantheaCon. Lame!

Goodness. Half of the fun just got sucked out for me. Damn. I was looking forward to getting beautiful, high-res photos of some of our occult luminaries. This sucks....because people have cell phone camera's now, and they will take photos. No one's identity is being they'll be outed with crappy photos instead of nice ones. Ha. Oh well, what can you do?

If your personal practice doesn't include energy work, it is bullshit.

Ave, Just a quick note for anyone who thinks ritual and initiation alone are the key to power. It is not. It's very easy in the Western work to fall into the trap of learning myriad arts--and spending the majority of your time doing so--and treating meditative energetic work as the second priority. It should be your first. It is more important than all of the GIRP's, GIRH's, sigil work, God-worship.....yes, even more important than you're work with your Gods. Without the energy work, we'll never be like them. Please consider reversing the order of importance if it is possible for you. Instead of an hour of practical work and ten minutes of middle pillar stuck in there somewhere, reverse it. Streamline your intent-based work, incorporate mudras and incantations that can do lengthy things for you faster. Spend as much time immersed in the Sea of Mind as possible.Quit making excuses and putting things off. Every moment spent outside of meditation is a moment wasted,