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What is the deal with Atheists?

Ave, So. I have to tell you-never have I met a more negative, thick-headed and obstinate bunch. I stumbled on a few articles whilst researching Wolfram's New Kind of science (a ridiculously thick book with a lot of interesting ideas), and....ugh. Almost worse than the nutbag Evangelicals, and their literalism. Everything I read about them is full of smug materialistic and mechanistic thinking. This doesn't make them bad people-I'm sure there are as many good Atheists as there are good anything else. It just makes them unpleasant to read and discuss the big questions (and answers) with. I suppose I find them frustrating because they want to debate endlessly, and never actually do anything. I've found that spirituality is experiential-you have to experience it, not philosophize about it. The Atheists I've argued with (who are otherwise nice folk, who I won't name and put on blast) are as stubborn and unmoving in their beliefs as the Evangelicals. For example-o