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Innovation and the Golden Dawn

Ave, I've been reading with interest the Golden Dawn forum of GH Fra Zalewski (don't know his motto, and Google isn't giving up the goods.) If one can stomach all the bickering and bullshit, there are some thought-provoking things going on in the community. It seems that groups who don't have Third Order contacts are developing their own material...not even necessarily basing their material on older papers, but applying their own understanding of Magic and Alchemy to the structure and culture of the Order to create new methods and vehicles. This is awesome. Variety=Growth, man. There have been only two ways to move the GD toward completeness, and one is to have contacts with the Third Order, which is, I understand, a group of Adepts who've kept the fire of the Hermetic tradition lit in a continuous link since back in ye olden days. This is the best if you can get it; there are some things in Alchemy you just are not going to learn if you don't have an Al

Obsidian Glass--Creating a Talismanic Mirror

Ave, This one'll be short; just wanted to share a useful method I received for working and communicating with Saturnian entities in particular. Obsidian is a fine tool for accumulating the virtue in Saturn; the Mysterium Sigillorum recommends it's use in creating a specific talisman (one I made yesterday for my father-in-law to help heal his gout; also part of a homework assignment for Christopher Warnock's Astrological Magic Course ...worth taking, ya'll. Worth every penny) that is efficacious against Saturnian illnesses. So, there is classical precedent for it's use in addition to my personal experiences. One particular use that I'm fond of is the Talismanic Mirror. Obsidian being volcanic glass, it makes a fine mirror if burnished on one side, and being Saturnian it can be loaded with Virtue and aligned with the nature of a Saturnian spirit. If there is an entity that you have a long-standing relationship with (such as Cassiel or Tzaphqiel...two extreme