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Ave, Every single senior Adept of the Golden Dawn I have personally encountered is a Freemason. Every.Single.One. I am not. I wonder how this is effecting my development? What I've studied of Freemasonry hasn't revealed any hidden wisdom that I hadn't acquired previously to joining the Golden Dawn, and what I've found in the Golden Dawn esoterically has been far superior in depth, understanding , and practice. I would go so far as to say that Freemasonry--from a purely magical standpoint--may serve as a nice preparatory school for someone transitioning from the common materialistic mindstate, or someone whose esoteric experience doesn't extend much beyond church. But that's about it. Yet, here I stand, the one dude who isn't a Freemason among the multitudes of GD magicians who are. I must be missing something here. Is there more going on at the Freemasonic meetings than dinner in nice jackets? I've attended a few Freemasonic events--for a gentleman I