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Invocation of Venus

Ave, Performed the Invocation of Venus, and had a couple of significant things occur. After lighting my sweet-smelling incense, and giving myself a good purification and consecration I stood before my altar and said a short prayer. The richly green candles on the altar gave of just enough light. The temple felt comfortable and warm, like a hug. There was a frission, within the room;  it felt like the moment immediately before you're about to kiss a new potential love for the first time...a kind of sultry intensity. I worked through the battery of rituals, and came to the point where one invokes the Goddess Hathor. This was very interesting. I sang a short song in her honor, and felt great energetic rushes into my heart center from below. I created the astral form, and then went to step within it. My eyes were closed, and within my inner eye a blossoming of the form occurred. What was at first a 2-dimensional Egyptian style image of the Goddess became 3-D and lifelike. Her head wa


Ave, SO.........Digimob. I'm conflicted about these gents. On the one hand, they're doing the community a great service, as they've made texts that were impossible to find even a couple of years ago available to practitioners. That part of what they do is awesome. Classic texts, texts that are out of print and impossible to find, all put together in one tidy package. I love that. But. In their latest release, I found there were books by modern occult writers. Dudes who are trying to make a living, and that sucks. Nineveh, David,'s terrible that these gents, who aren't millionaires, are having their works pirated. Yes, it sucks that people can't always afford to get their books. Well, too bad. Go to a library. Join a mailing list. Do the research they've done for yourself (unless we're talking Nineveh's stuff, which is likely in Arabic. In that case, you just need to save your pennies.) There are options. Folks won't be able to ke