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Arithmancy, part V

(please read previous posts for continuity) I've found it useful to use the numbers of the Planetary Squares to invoke the Planetary virtues, while using the primary numbers to induce states of mind that are harmonious with Number. For instance, the sum of the Saturnian square is 45; I would use the mudra for 45 to summon the Virtue of Saturn, but would use the mudra for the number 2 to enter into a trance that allows for communion with that number, also assigned to Saturn. Use the primary numbers to alter personal state of mind, and the sum of the Planetary Square to engage the macrocosmic force related to the Planet. The sums for the Planetary Squares are as follows: Saturn: 45 Sol: 666 Luna: 3321 Mars: 325 Mercury: 2080 Jupiter: 136 Venus: 1225 To form the mudras for each Planet, build the number one section at a time; for Venus, first you would perform the mudra for 1000, then for 200, then 20, then 5. The final mudra is held for as long as you wish the Virtue to be invoke

Arithmancy, part IV

(please read previous posts in this series for continuity) Practical Method of Arithmatic Magic—the Mudra           Agrippa teaches in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy about the power of certain movements of the fingers and hands, which the Magicians of old used to silently signify “words unknown by sound, various with numbers, yet of great virtue, by their fingers joined together, and sometimes changed, and did the sacred silence worship the Gods that rule over the world”. This is an allusion to the use of Mudra, bending and twisting the fingers into shapes that signify numbers, that themselves are used to invoke the power of the Planets and the fundamental virtues of the primary numbers.   Using Number we invite into our spheres and into objects the power of the Seven themselves, containing their virtue through sympathy and echo. The Magical Gestures (Mudras) of Number            To make the number 1 , bend the little finger of the left hand and touch the middle of the palm.

Arithmancy, part III

The Character, Heart, and Social Numbers           These numbers are calculated from a person’s name, and give us insight into their nature and circumstance. They are also giving us a number to use as a link to work upon those things in the person . We don’t stop with Arithmancy to divine general circumstance; we continue with Arithmatic magic in order to alter that circumstance in a positive or negative fashion according to our wishes. This is where Arithmatic Magic excels; it allows for a strong link to be created with a magical subject with nothing other than the name. In order to calculate the Character number, we use the method given above, adding up the numbers for each letter of the complete Name of the subject, and then joining the numbers left if there is more than one number. The Character number is representative of the personality/waking mind of the subject.   It can give us insight into the person’s strengths and weaknesses, their natural tendencies. In order to calcula

Arithmancy, part II

(please read part I so all is in context!) Divination by Number—Arithmancy Method Arithmancy is easy. In order to use Number to connect with something/someone, we need to link Word with number; we don’t think in number, and we Name in Word, so it is necessary to translate word into pure number, so that Named things may be grasped and understood according to our lore. In order to transform name into number, we begin with the Alphabet—in this Art, we use the modern Latin alphabet as our base. The assignation of number to letter couldn’t be simpler. They are as follows: Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Letters A,J,S B,K,T C,L,U D,M,V E,N,W F,O,X G,P,Y H,Q,Z I,R             We determine the numerical value of a thing by addition, and then joining. For example, the Name “AGRIPPA” consists of the numbers 1,7,9,9,7,7,1. Added together, we have 41. We would then join

Arithmancy, part I

Ave, So....arithmancy. No one uses it anymore, and it's one of the old-school divinatory arts. An interesting and useful art, and a shame that it  isn't utilized more. At least, I've thought so. I went ahead and did something about it and have written a pamphlet about Arithmancy and Arithmantic magic. I'm going to release it in parts as blog posts, and then the lot will be downloadable from here. Hope you find something useful in it!   Arithmancy           Arithmancy is a method of divination rooted in number and numerology; it was known to the Chaldeans and Greeks, and of course to the Renaissance Magicians. As with many of our modern divinatory and magical methods, Henry Cornelius Agrippa is our primary source of wisdom in its use and method.             In his Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Agrippa gives us the occult meaning of Number, and understanding as to its use and application in divination and magic. The text itself is sometimes difficult to understa

Full Moon Hoodoo--Rope work!

Ave, Haven't done this sort of thing in a while, so I thought I'd share a bit of interesting conjure I practice with a few old friends...rope-work, which is a kind of knot-magic. Why a rope, you ask, when candles are more common and work well for a lot of things? Because Candles are expensive, rope is cheap, and I was broke .  Hahaha. Rope work is a great alternative to candles, but requires a certain amount of ingenuity to use well. It doesn't have the built-in engine of the fire, so dressing and loading are very important, and getting great results requires a powerful link. There are a couple of methods I use for making this powerful link, namely the Evil Eye and "catching" their name. See below, if interested.   Creating the Connection The "Evil Eye" The gaze is a powerful tool for connection; only spend a few minutes staring at the backs of stranger--and watching them turn around to note you--and you will see. The Evil Eye requires an unblinki