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The HGA pt.2

Ave, would seem that the HGA has a partner of sorts. A darker fellow, who is intimately connected to Desire, Hunger, Sensuality, and a certain defensive fierceness. A fellow who likes to lurk about at the edges of your mind during prayers. A fellow who is not particularly pleased when one reigns in certain habits and unthinking ways of being. A fellow who can be sly for sometime, and subtle, but who has little in the way of patience and is brash enough to undo himself by making himself known. I've encountered this gent before. Last time, I attempted to banish him, thinking he was a larvae of some sort lurking about during my rituals. I've stabbed and burnt this fellow a number of times (in vision), and he just keeps coming back. He obeys when told to leave, but he doesn't actually go far. He can't be traveling far-he never waits long before he comes back! The God-Names don't fill him with fear-he isn't afraid, he is obedient. He isn't evil, but

Invocation of EXARP

This invocation was very successful! I performed the standard incantations, and then invoked EXARP. I asked the great Angel if he were present, and he said yes. I saw a bright image of him within my minds eye-I asked if he would appear in the orb, and he agreed. His face was bright white, and his hair an ever undulating golden-brown. He had the air of the jester about him-a certain playfulness, a joyfulness. His eyes were rectangular and where pupil-less. Just blank white. His clothing was yellow-gold and billowing. I asked him what his nature was and he spoke-first in my mind, and then from my mouth! What?! I've done a number of invocations in my day, and the entities have never spoken through me. I asked him why that was, and he said I was "one of his children".-reffering to my elemental makeup. While speaking through me he said " I am the differentiating force, I am the invisible forces that hold the universe together, and keep it apart. I am gravity and the repu

Invocation of HCOMA

Ave, Performed the incantations, then invoked and requested an audience with the Angel HCOMA. Immediately had images of the open sea-not suprising, but not enlightening either. I asked if HCOMA was present, and got a "yes". Usually the visions take off a bit on their own, but not this time. I vibrated her name again to get a better connection. I asked her if she was there and got a yes again. The problem was with me, it seemed. I asked her what her scent was, and I smelled the ocean, pregnant with salt. I asked for her sound, and I got a dull roar-the ocean again. I asked for her form and I received an image of a golden eye afloat in black space....and still have no idea what that means. I asked again, and she said that she had no form; that she was formless in nature. I asked what her function was, and she said meaning. Context. Experience. She also said that my makeup-that I was all Earth and Air, with very little of water-made it difficult for me to receive her and commun