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The Golden Dawn and Charity (or, the lack thereof)

Ave, I've been thinking a lot lately about the vast disparity between the esteem our Eastern counterparts are held in their respective cultures, and the lack of esteem we receive here in our own. A monk in Tibet is respected, loved even-and make no mistake, they are every bit the Mages and Wizards we are. We are not respected. There is no getting around it. Call yourself a metaphysician, an Alchemist, and you might be able to dodge the disparagement train. Tell someone your a Ceremonial Magician,a Mage, a Wizard, and watch as their eyes glaze over and they do their best to escape the conversation. So...why the difference in respect? The monks in eastern cultures (be they Tibetan Buddhist or otherwise) are active in their communities. They do tons of charity. They give people succor in their temples. They feed the poor. They serve and add to the communities within which they exist, and so are loved and respected. We do none of these things. I'm certain there are Temples that do

The Unda Superum

Another excerpt, this time dealing with a method for creating a Consumable Talisman out of Spagyric Elixirs. Creating the Unda Superum The Unda Superum (water of the gods) is an Spagyric elixir further enlivened and tuned by Ceremonial Magic. Creating the Unda Superum is straight forward. One creates an Elixir, and then, during the appropriate Hour for the force that the Elixir embodies, the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram/Spirit (for Elemental and Astrological Elixirs, affecting the Astrological aspect through the triplicity) or the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram/Solar  are performed (for the Planetary powers), and used to infuse the Medicine with concentrated Intent and with LVX, the Light of Heaven. This changes the Elixir into a consumable Talisman. The Godform of Imhotep is assumed after the Invocation of the Highest Divine Self, instead of the standard Godform for the force that is usually invoked.  Imhotep is a God who was once a man, a great physician in anc

The Spagyric Alchemical Process

Hello again all, Here is a short segment (from aforementioned manuscript) detailing of the Spagyric Alchemical process, which describes the meaning of the classical terms of the Process as I have come to understand them. I am by no means an authority on the subject-of your understanding differs from mine own, please share! The Spagyric Alchemical Process Mortificatio : This is the initial death, destruction, and dismemberment of the plant, and is the beginning of the Spagyric Alchemical process. Here we have plucked the plant, chopped it fine and ground it down; it is unrecognizable as the plant it once was, and is now suitable for further evolution. It is completed after the Sublimatio phase, when the Sulphur and Mercury are separated from the Salt of the plant body. Sublimatio : Air: That which is of low vibration is translated into higher vibration, and  the hidden spirit within matter is released. In Spagery, this refers to the portion of the process when we extract the Sulphur fro

Quick overview of Simple Spagyric Technique

The following is a simple rundown for creating Spagyric tinctures and Elixirs, from the manuscript 'Book of the Blossoming Flower." I wrote it so that there would be a baseline, unobfuscated understanding of how to make Spagyric products with extremely basic tools. I posted something similar earlier, but without explaining much as far as how the steps relate to the classic alchemical progression. So, here we are! Making a Spagyric Tincture 1.Take up your plant, and on the Day/Hour corresponding to the energy you wish to refine (Planet, Element, or Sign.) Chop the plant into fine pieces on your cutting board, beginning the Mortificatio stage. Sunrise on the Day corresponding to a planet is best-for astrological forces. I had success capturing the Astrological powers by beginning the work when the Sign is in the Ascendant, preferably during an Elemental Tide that corresponds to the Triplicity the Sign is associated with. For Elemental powers, I have found that beginning the wor