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The Unity of External and Internal Alchemy

Ave, On the HOGD/AO forums, a discussion has been going on about whether Sendivogius (a famous alchemist whose work is well-known) is teaching Internal or External Alchemy. It's interesting to watch, as one of the alchemists is  known for his External work and the other for his deep understanding of the Internal Work (who also works the external). The argument was fundamentally an old one; alchemists have been going back and forth with this sort of thing for ages. The most profound point (made by our Internal alchemist) given in the argument was the simple truth that it does not matter . A properly understood, initiated External Alchemical process--given using traditional alchemical language--will also work if translated to the Internal. If it does not, then I contend it is not a true process. Alchemy is Alchemy; whether the Glass involved is made of silica, or more subtle matter, the work of Alchemy is the same, as a mirror of Nature.  I would go so far as to say that the