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Want to Scry effectively? Try using classical Incantation!

Ave, Scrying is of great importance in our art, and the tools necessary to do it effectively aren't always taught to initiates. Oftentimes when sitting to Scry, the Magician goes directly from his ceremonial invocations to sitting in the throne and opening up to Vision. While this certainly does work, it is missing a step that was fundamental to our forebears-the ritual Incantation. This incantation, done before divination involving a specific power, was not  used as a "power-booster" or enegizer as our current incantions in Enochian are: it was done, instead, to provide the mind with a storehouse of imagery that corresponded to the Invoked force.  It may be done in a style similar to a mantram, as a circular chant repeated to create a state of mind compatible with the force, or as a singly-performed Incantation done to impregnate the mind with the correspondences. This is important because it gives the mind/entities invoked imagery to work with to communicate ideas and

Working on Enochian!

Ave, As I've progressed through the Outer Order, I've found myself drawn more and more into Enochian work. This probably isn't suprising, as we incorporate Enochian into just about every ritual that we do-but that doesn't necessarily guarantee an understanding of the Enochian material. The more I come to understand about it, the more I believe it to be the pinnacle of Western evolutionary Magic. We incorporate elements of the Enochian in our elemental, Zodiacal, and Planetary magics-from what I've experienced-mostly to increase their power, or augment their "tuning" to the force being worked with. Our rituals (at least in the Outer) seem to be a fusion of the Qabalistic root rituals with Enochian elements-the equivalent to adding nitrous to a fuel engine in order to boost it's performance. This is valuable because our Qabalistic based rituals give us a foothold into both Theurgy and Thaumaturgical/practical magic. The only telesmata involved in Enoch

GIRH Mercury, and Scrying results

I performed GIRH-Mercury a number of times, for both scrying and the balancing of the Mercurial forces within my sphere. I was suprised at the subtle focus on emotionality and it's effect on communication that was given to me in vision. I imagine it was tuned that way because that's the area I needed growth in. One scrying session in particular was noteable: I performed the battery, and sat in my chair in the throne position to scry. I see and feel myself whisked along a greyish plain with a silvery sky, and come to rest in a rocky, somewhat barren area. I vibrate the appropriate names, and request a guide. A being of silvery appearance appears-at first. I give the LVX signs, and he cracks into dust. I request a guide again, and a towering angelic figure appears. I ask it for it's name, and i have a strange complex feeling. I realize after a moment that the feeling is the entities name. Interesting. I give the signs and it returns them. I ask it to teach me