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Want to Scry effectively? Try using classical Incantation!


Scrying is of great importance in our art, and the tools necessary to do it effectively aren't always taught to initiates. Oftentimes when sitting to Scry, the Magician goes directly from his ceremonial invocations to sitting in the throne and opening up to Vision. While this certainly does work, it is missing a step that was fundamental to our forebears-the ritual Incantation. This incantation, done before divination involving a specific power, was not  used as a "power-booster" or enegizer as our current incantions in Enochian are: it was done, instead, to provide the mind with a storehouse of imagery that corresponded to the Invoked force.  It may be done in a style similar to a mantram, as a circular chant repeated to create a state of mind compatible with the force, or as a singly-performed Incantation done to impregnate the mind with the correspondences. This is important because it gives the mind/entities invoked imagery to work with to communicate ideas and understandings.It makes the mind fertile for the spiritual Vision.

For example, in Giordano Bruno's Cantus Circeus, (I've got an english translation for you here) the Sorceress Circes' planetary Incantations (songs) are cited as having special powers in the field of memory retention. These Songs of Circe are also excellent Invocations of the planetary forces. They are basically a list of correspondences for each planet, which include various animals, Gods, colors, temperaments, etc.

I would definitely encourage other practicioners to give chanting an Incantation (either the Songs of Circe, which have great historical value...and so seem to have extra "kick", or one that is self composed) before sitting down to Scry a try. It has given me great success in my Scrying ability.

Analogy time-you can water a seed planted in the earth and get a plant in time, but fertilize that same earth before watering the seed, and the plant received is larger and more robust.

The Songs of Circe fit wonderfully into our Western Tradition, and their antiquity makes using them a special treat, like excercising a birthright. I hope some of you read them, and incorporate them into your practice.




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