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Needlessly complicated?

Ave Fraters et Sorors, I've continued to work at developing a healing system within our tradition, and have come to a few realizations. One of which is that the system can't be unwieldly and overcomplicated if anyone is to be expected to actually use it.  How many of us bother with learning to work the Z2 formulae in all of it's layers? Not studying it intellectually, but working it? How many of us have even tried  the Invisibility formula? Advanced practical magics in our system take work, and a willingness to risk Failure. I got a wonderful boost reading an article written by Nineveh Shadrack (thank you for the great post on him, V.H. Fra. S.R.!) who made some insightful comments about the mind of the modern Western Magician that hit home. The psychological model of Magic-that the entities and forces encountered are externalizations of internal forces-can become a crutch, in my opinion. It allows us to rationalize magic to a certain extent, and from what I've seen ma