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The Best Laid Plans....

You know the rest.=) I had planned on having aforementioned manuscript out two weeks ago, and between giving my first lectures for my Order and work, I've had very little time to devote to finishing. I have also, after some meditation, discovered flaws in my work that need to be addressed. I am Very eager to get some feedback from my peers (and betters), so that I might make something worthy out of all this. As it is, I'm going to go ahead and post up most of what I've got on Monday. Feel free to absolutely eviscerate the little book-I won't take it personal, as long as it's constructive.......if it's not, than it's the Hoodoo for you, my friend! Fraters et Sorors who requested a copy-send me a quick email to , and I'll send what I have right out. I hope the day finds you all well.