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So, I've been thinking.... ...much lately about the nature of Hermetic Alchemy. G.H.Frater L.E.S has stated a number of times that our tradition is analaguos to the Eastern tradition. This is interesting, in that the secrets and techniques of the Eastern Tradition have been made publicly available by Adepts like Mantak Chia and his peers/teachers. They have chosen to make this material publicly available-which I think is a good thing, as they take no binding vows to do otherwise. The whole secrecy bit is so complicated, and difficult-on the one hand, it is terrible to have the secrets of our Order profaned. On the other, had it not been for Crowley and especially Regardie, the vast majority of us would probably have never heard of the Golden Dawn, let alone become initiates. I'm not so sure there would be a Golden Dawn at all if not for Regardie's efforts. I certainly mean no disrespect to G.H.Frater LES, who is rightfully passionate about protecting the Egregore of our Ord

New direction for Spagyric Healing

Ave, I think that, in my focus on energetic healing, I missed something very important about Spagery-it's classical use in creating superior herbal medicines. Instead of dwelling primarily on the energetic root of the plant-going from inside out-I think it would be best to focus on using Spagery to influence the natural healing qualities of the plant, and to make superior medicines in that fashion. I'm going to change the focus of my manuscript accordingly.  The method for healing will involve first creating a "Garden" of healing medicines, but instead of focusing on the Energies, we will instead focus on stocking plants that cure a specific ailment or illness, and then evolving those plants and creating Elixirs through Spagery, which will serve as superior medicines. Then, we will conduct a healing ritual involving soothing incense, the Middle Pillar (with the Healer assisting with strong vibration) to address the energetic component. Finally, we will conduct a Rose-

Well, Damn.

Ave, Unpleasant realisation today. I've been studying Philalethes' works-Metamorphysis of Metals, etc., and after an hour of bashing my brain against it realized that....I had no bloody idea what the man was talking about. While I love Spagery as an Art in and of itself, understanding it's methods have led me no closer to removing the veil of obfuscation around Hermetic Alchemy.  The 'Language of the Birds" spoken by the alchemists is seemingly impenetrable without a Guide.  What's interesting is that, before I studied Spagery, I thought I had some idea of what was going on in the Alchemical tracts and emblems. Growing to understand Spagery has made me aware of exactly how large a gap there is between Spagery and Heremetic Alchemy. They are more distant cousins than brother and sister. There is a connection between the ideas, but that seems to be where the parallels start. The processes alluded to in many of the Emblems are useless without context. While studyi

Solar Elixir

Ave Fraters et Sorers, I completed a Solar Elixir yesterday-only allowing it to gestate for a week, and completing seven calcinations and distillations. I have had to do a lot more work with the Salts lately, as after calcination the original feces leaves little in the way of Salt to work with. After filtering out the Caput Mortuum, and leeching, there is Very little of the original Salt left to reappear. This won't do, and so I find that lately I've been augmenting the regular process with a Lot of extra plant matter. I'd like to make a Plant Stone here at some point, and so will need a decent amount of Salt to work with. I understand that one can make an artificial stone using sun-dried Sea Salts...but don't much see the point of that. It can't be that much more difficult to acquire more of the plant than it is to acquire the sea salts...It is very important, btw, to use distilled water for the leeching process-the purity of the Salt after leeching is directly pro

Quick note on the Kamea

Hello all, Just a quick heads up-the sigils for the Planetary entities when using the Kamea are not the same sigils found in the RMM, as those sigils are drawn from the Rose Cross. Make sure to draw fresh sigils using the Kamea and the Qaballah of Nine Houses. I know this is obvious, never know. I've made more obvious mistakes myself... In LVX, Frater A.I.T.