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Development/ideas in Kameothic Magic

Ave Fraters and Soror, Some things I've noticed from working the Kamea: 1.It is good to have already established the Sigils for each entity before the working, as pulling them on the fly is a pain in the ass. 2. There is possibly no better way to master the numerical attributions of the Hebrew letters than to create Sigils for the entities of each Square using the Kamea. I'd thought I had them down before, but now the number and the letter are the same thing in my hand. I can even work the Aiq Bekar on the fly-no grand feat once you have the numerical attributions down, but still useful. 3. Working with the Kamea brings to your attention the Numbers behind the Holy names and our own Holy Rituals-to know the true name of a thing is to have the opportunity to master it, and at the end of the day the Kamea are about Naming the powers that are operating within and without us, so that we might master them. 4. The layers of meaning provided by the Kamea make for strong magic. I'm