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Pantheacon this year is going to be Special

Ave, So, things have gotten interesting on the American Occultism front. There are some key personages joining us from Italy-- Arch Priestess and Arch Priest Diana and Dianus of Stregheria del Bosco Sacro of Benevento ...a family of Italian Stregha practitioners. Now, you may be saying to yourself " I'm not a Witch. How is this in any way important?"  It's important because they are bringing into the Pagan tradition the rites of Inner Alchemy. Not just the knowledge of the Great Rite itself--sex magic--understanding of which every occult order under the Sun should have incorporated as bare minimum by now. The full-on Egyptian tradition of Inner Alchemy that has been the highest of the Western Mysteries for centuries. The secret traditions that were occulted from even other Occult organisations, the Western route to the hidden power. This is incredibly important, because it's seeding America--and our largest Mystery movement (alas, this is not the Golden Da