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Saturnian Elixir

Ave, Fraters et Sorors, Last week on Saturday I began the preparation neccessary to create an Elixir infused with the energies of Saturn.  I have grown a garden with the herbs and plants necessary to invoke the various planetary and elemental forces. I chose Sage for this work, as it's spirit is of Saturn and Earth in the correspondences.  (In order to check the correspondences for accuraracy, I conduct a method of choice is the Tarott-use the method you are most comfortable with). I plucked the sage, gave a short prayer of intent, and placed it within the sealed mason jar. I set it out in the Sun to begin the energetic circulation. Yesterday, after the tincture was complete, I seperated the tincture from the Salt (the soaked leaves of Sage) and set the leaves out in the Sun to dry. I placed the tincture in it's own sealed vial, and set it aside. After the leaves were completely dried, I placed them within my Crucible and set them alight, in order to refine thi