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Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, and Dreams

Ave, In my daily work, I've taken to using the LIRP instead of the LBRP to begin my ritual battery -- not as a replacement, but because of the way the ritual battery should work. I've been doing regular LBRP's for years now; my sphere of sensation is pretty well buttressed at this point. Regular magical work has increased my sensitivity to changes in my sphere so that I can tell when something Is off, which is major for me. I used to have to result to divination; now I use divination as a double-check, and find my own "scanning", my own intuition, to be accurate. The reason I feel it is important to use the LIRP in the opening instead of the LBRP is that for myself the Middle Pillar Ritual is the heart of the daily practice, and the daily practice is on one level about increasing the amount/raising the signature of the LVX in my subtle bodies. I plan to invoke and increase with these rituals, not just balance and level. The Middle Pillar does the work of equi